A glance at another company run by Otto Mantero, Tessitura Serica Carlo Riva , confirms this precise choice of sector. As is the case at Fermo Fossati, workers at Carlo Riva also use the old machines that other companies have sacrificed on the altar of mass production and that today constitute a precious resource for those in search of the best way to stand out in a market often rendered monotonous by overly technological production. At Carlo Riva they make "the best shirting in the world", fabrics chosen by the best shirt makers. Given the restricted room for manoeuvre imposed by the rigid canons of classic patterns, the search for novelty is undertaken with a skill that can perhaps be best explained by taking a quick look at Otto Mantero's past - a past made up of a long spell a a partner in the family firm of the same name that produces garments in silk renowned throughout the world. Otto Mantero spent years acquiring a sound experience in the field, where ha was concerned with the manufactured of the finished product, working - no coincidence this -both in the shirt and tie sectors. As Mantero himself likes to put it, provided that they are of genuine quality, shirts and ties "never go out of fashion and become collector's items in the wardrobe of a gentleman of good taste".