The success of this product was largely due to a careful reorganization of the production process, which was brought about by putting the old shuttle looms to good use. These looms make it possible to weave three-dimensional embossed fabrics (especially grenadine) with excellent results of a softness that cannot be obtained with automatic looms, used only for other products manufactured by Fermo Fossati, which is run today by Otto Mantero. The production procedure, therefore, has been changed only where requirements of quality and precision make the use of modern machinery indispensable. This firm's policy on a decision to disregard merely quantitative considerations with a view to manufacturing products of genuine quality, which makes it possible to aim for an upmarket target capable of appreciating the unique qualities of product lines that are often copied - badly - and never equalled. The painstakingly selected and exclusive patterns are the result of fanatical attention to detail, elegant and classic, without however sacrificing the originality of a product that always seek to satisfy the most demanding tastes.